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To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an hour

William Blake

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Doesnt pay for the R5 GT Turbo that he bought

He bought my dad’s R5 GT Turbo who is almost 80 years old.
We sent him our car 6 months ago and we are still waiting for payment. We decided to give him a few months because he was going to take charge of the transition to a historic car. Once this procedure was done, he assured us each time that we called “I will take care of it for you Mr Ferreira, don’t worry” or “the transfer has been made, I have just taken care of it “, 3 months later we are still waiting for our money. He’s not an honest businessman. There he no longer picks up the phone, he does not respond to emails, text messages or calls.
To flee.
We are waiting for the justice mediator and then we will have to start the legal process.
I hope that the reviews on the internet will show the reality of his business, shameful to treat 80 year old people like that.

Dishonest Misleading

Antonio Ferreira from France reviewed Franco Lembo Automobilia Dealer on 28-12-2023


Fraudulent sale of faulty and incomplete Apple MacBook Pro.

I purchased a MacBook Pro 16″ M1 from FNAC Monaco on June 30, 2023. Despite the sticker claiming it was new and on sale, my experience turned out to be disappointing. The charging block was missing, there was no screen film, and the keyboard had a faulty issue with random capitalization. To make matters worse, the Apple warranty had already expired, the device had 26 charge cycles, and 95% battery capacity. The salesperson’s unprofessionalism and their attempt to shift blame only added to my frustration. Although promises were made to find a solution, the process would take around 15 days, which is not feasible for me as I urgently need the MacBook for work. This entire situation is unacceptable, especially considering our frequent patronage of FNAC.

Following is an in-detail outline of the events:

Yesterday (30/06/2023) I bought a MacBook Pro 16″ M1 in FNAC Monaco, there was a sticker on it stating that it is absolutely new etc. but is on sale; I bought it. Upon my return home and unboxing, I’ve discovered that the charging block is not there and that there is no screen film on it, After booting and inputting the password etc. I couldn’t open the Mac once again because of wrong password input, after reinstalling the OS I’ve discovered that the keyboard is faulty and randomly types all caps, it still does even after updates and trying to fix it. Additionally, I have discovered that the Apple warranty has expired (meaning that the mac is active for over a year) and that this Mac had 26 charge cycles (shutting down from 100 to 0 and charging from 0 to 100) and 95% battery capacity, Which is clear proof that I have been scammed and sold off a device that is not new, faulty and missing items. After going to FNAC once again and spending my day there, I was greeted at first with non-professionalism and hostility after explaining the situation to the concurrent salesperson at FNAC Apple device section, he stated that actually the product is refurbished (even though refurbished products have green tape stickers, and clear text that they are refurbished or used. Whereas once again in our case ours had a red tape sticker that stated “New” and on sale, great that I took an image to send before having purchased it, otherwise I would’ve been turned to idiot by that liar of salesmanship.) He pointed out that it wasn’t him helping us buy it yesterday hence the problem and solely our mishap, delegating the fault onto his coworkers, as if that fixes any issue. Following that, we went over to the technicians/retour corner (after asking multiple times to talk to the manager, and being ignored blatantly.) We have been promised a solution, hence an email would be sent to every FNAC store and “manager” to find a solution, as stated since they do have a formula on how they deal with situations as such, we left our number, been promised a callback the same day and left. After waiting most of the day for a clear constructive call, we went ourselves, midst of the drive (about 50min before closing of the store we received a call, which we didn’t manage to pickup, and neither did we manage to call back as it was automated.) Upon entering and talking again, we were told that this process will take about 15 days, or we can have monetary refund, refunding is not an option due to the fact that we had to exchange dollars to euro previously at a 20% loss; this was not of interest at all, second of all I need that MacBook as a work instrument, and very urgently. Personally, taking a look, there was absolutely no single brand new MacBook Pro 16 inch with an M1 processor available in any FNAC store (outside of Monaco.) However, I was shown the inside inventory system that there is in fact a scarce supply of 4-6 MacBook’s of the same model spread around the whole of France, with an additional obstacle of whether the stores will be willing to send their inventory or not. So with all that in mind and all the time spent—and that is yet to be spent next work week sending out requests and awaiting responses… I’ve asked one more question, “What if none are available after all the time wasted waiting with the small return window of 14 days, am I back to the only option of receiving a monetary refund?” the answer was a firm Yes. Absolute shame and carelessness for customers, especially frequent customers, which we are. This is absolutely unacceptable from FNAC especially in Monaco where they are registered as a local Monégasque entity. We work with Websites, Designs, SMM, AR/VR, Digital signage and more here locally, and have bought the device as an urgent work tool, I am now left waiting in bitter frustration, clutching a defective – fault-full device, that was sold to me just Yesterday “as” brand new, having the cashier count my money 3 times and 1 by hand, but not a glance at the integrity of the box and its products, leaving me a victim of fraud.

Well-located Fraudulent Incompetent Unprofessional

August L from Monaco reviewed FNAC Monaco on 01-07-2023



Kebab n naan are great


Zahida from Pakistan reviewed The Kitchen Restaurant on 30-03-2023


The best atmosphere

Outstanding anniversary place, excellent hosts, very good food and listening to nice music.
Strogly recommended !


Sorin Donca from Romania reviewed La Mome Restaurant on 23-01-2023



I wouldn’t go there for dinner but maybe for a night club witch starts after 22:00. I was with my family and friends group of 7 people ,5 adults and 2 children 10 and 11 year olds . The waiter was unprofessional from the moment we set down, tried to hurry to take our order, one of us ordered $200 Tomahawk steak, They didn’t know how to cut it, half of the steak was end up being thrown out. We were rushed through out the whole diner ,plates were picked up with half of the food on them. After paying almost 1.000.00 euros I was asked to leave because they have reserved our table for someone else. I didn’t know we time limit when I made reservation.

Not Client-oriented Rude

Anatoly from Monaco reviewed La Mome Restaurant on 08-01-2023


Racist or anti-American?

My husband and I were turned away at the door because supposedly the store was at max capacity. But even as we stood there, another woman was let in. Were we considered undesirable because we were an interracial couple? Perhaps Cartier should post a sign with a list of undesirables: better yet, post it online! Funny enough, my husband’s wedding ring is from Cartier, and he used to like the brand so much that he has bought me a watch, a couple of pairs of earrings and a couple of necklaces, and oh yes a bracelet. Now at last I can persuade him to go to a different store.


Courtney Guest Kim from United States reviewed Cartier on 16-11-2022



My favorite restaurant, always well attended by beautiful people, menu with a good variety, very delicious food, an incredible atmosphere.

Amazing Unique

Mahmoud from United Arab Emirates reviewed Gaia Restaurant on 17-10-2022


The most luxurious

The most luxurious restaurant in Monaco, perfect for any special occasion, super romantic and refined with an Italian touch.

Amazing Impressive Unique

Aaron from Israel reviewed Le Train Bleu Restaurant on 29-09-2022


no price-performance

If there is a little storm or an intense rain ; the TV is
showing a black screen or is not working well..seems
like a 3rd world country problem but instead we are in
Monaco (one of the most expensive places in the
world)just horrible Monaco Telecom.


Alexander from Monaco reviewed Monaco Telecom on 25-09-2022


Ridiculous place

Poorly located, small gym, very old equipment, spa disgusting, change room dirty and smelly, most of the people who work here are all arrogant and think they’re better than everyone else.
The worst gym I’ve ever been to in my entire life!!!

Dirty Disappointing Badly-located

Aurora from Italy reviewed World Class on 20-09-2022



Salespeople unwilling to work, you show a photo of a product and ask if they have it available, they don’t even look at the system and immediately say they don’t have it, no desire to help, no one likes to be treated like that.


Aarohi from India reviewed Prada Montecarlo Donna on 20-09-2022



I bought a lot of things to decorate my flat in Monaco, and always very happy with everything, always the best brands, the best quality and a lot of Italian furniture and decorations,
I recommend this place to anyone looking for decorations.

Well-located Amazing Impressive

Meredith Ah Kum from Singapore reviewed Segraeti Shop on 20-09-2022


The best of the best

The most sophisticated boutique on the entire Cote D’Azur, with only exclusive pieces from the best brands in the fashion world, a place to do shopping that every woman dreams of, dresses for any occasion with every touch of glamour.

Amazing Unique Well-located

Jessica from United States reviewed YOUR’S Monaco on 19-09-2022



The best Christian Louboutin store, everything very refined, always new collection available in different numbers, and the sellers are always very kind, they will always give you the right attention.


Agnes from United States reviewed Christian Louboutin Shop on 19-09-2022



Worse customer service, they make you wait all the time, never give the customer fair attention, and everything about this operator is cheating!
The worst thing is when you don’t have an option to choose, having to settle for just 1 operator, so they will never care.

Disappointing Messy Not Client-oriented

Alegra from Italy reviewed Monaco Telecom on 19-09-2022


Rude sellers

It’s one of the most useful shop for many emergency things, domestic electronics, books and others, but the sellers are always rude, it seems they are always angry and never respond in English only in French, and if you have any doubts about a product they don’t have the patience to explain.

Well-located Rude

Alan from Austria reviewed FNAC Monaco Shopping Center on 17-09-2022


Missing a lot of product brands

The only Sephora in Monaco, very well located inside the Metrolope shopping mall, but the service there is not as we expect, many of the sellers do not pay attention to the consumer, there are not many other brands of products that are found in other Sephoras.

Well-located Not Client-oriented

Alice from Italy reviewed Sephora Shop on 17-09-2022


Best greek restaurant

Mmazing food and place, a good atmosphere, very good service and super well located, I was first at Gaia in Dubai and I liked it a lot and the same in Monaco, 5 star place!!!

Fantastic Amazing

Sara from Lebanon reviewed Gaia Restaurant on 17-09-2022



Always on time!!!!

Fantastic Professional Smart

Martin from Monaco reviewed Mr Room Service Delivery on 15-09-2022


A glass of Champagne

When you are waiting for a glass of champagne on the splendid terrace of Blue Gin bar, enjoying the view and the music be ready to get a glass of vine mousseux on the table called Champagne du moment, without any bottel demonstration and tasting before pouring in your glass. When you see the caotic bubbles in your glass and not champagne smell you call a waitress , and say : Madame, this is not champagne, she answers: this is champagne, turns around and goes away than brings a bottle with etiquette written champagne and confirms : look here is written champagne, so in your glass is champagne.
And it doesn’t metter that bubbles are not champagne bubbles the taste and smell neither. LoL


Marg from Italy reviewed The Blue Gin Bar on 15-09-2022

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